Hello and God’s blessings to one and all!!  I started this blog so that I could share the Good News and I’ve been doing just that.  Now and then, I add personal tales and I talk about my life and what’s happening with me.  But, I heard a sermon last night, preached by my fella’s nephew, and the message I got from it was loud and very clear…..it was about Jonah and the big fish, but the message wasn’t about a fish!  I got the message that, though my life is stormy right now and I am going through hard times, God is still here with me…Praise You, Lord!!  I just have to listen for His voice and be patient…..I will be persecuted for Him, but I will be victorious in the end!!

I am 64 years old, a Christian, an animal lover, and I love people, too!  I live in the country and my home is plain and not fancy at all, but it’s a roof over our heads.  I am in a very committed relationship which is coming up on its twentieth anniversary soon.

I hope you read and enjoy my blog and little posters at the end of each post…….Stay holy…make God first in your days and nights and lives!!!

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